Hibe interconnects different applications, making for a seamless and simple way for app users to privately, securely and seamlessly interact with each other across apps.

Powered by its proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) privacy engine, Hibe is designed to safeguard privacy across the myriad of different applications running inside the billions of devices embedded into our daily lives, and this without resorting to unnatural, inefficient, and counter-instinctive practices such as regular manual inputs and privacy settings.

We bring together many key players impacting people's digital lives to safeguard privacy of your data at every step of your online interactions. This includes developers and cloud providers. We also involve businesses to ensure a right balance between corporate interests and consumers' interests as we are committed to make the digital world a better place for both individuals and organizations.

Privacy by Design

At Hibe, we put privacy at the core of everything we do and we use state-of-the-art technologies built and fine-tuned over the last decade to ensure end-to-end privacy of your digital footprints. When you interact with others on Hibe, your data usually travels from your favorite app installed on your device through the cloud before reaching your target audiences registered on other apps running on their own devices.


Developers play a key role in the Hibe ecosystem as they build the millions of amazing apps we use to connect and interact online. While allowing developers to gain critical mass by connecting their applications with other apps and representing an alternative for small and medium apps to being absorbed by large and established players, Hibe offers them the opportunity to transform their revenue model from an intrusive ad-based model that violates app users' privacy, to a privacy-compliant profitable business model and assuring their independence.


In this digital economy, businesses need to promote their products and services to online consumers. Unfortunately, businesses reach and engage consumers through advertising platforms that are known to violate consumer privacy as a way to support their business model, thereby undermining the reputation of these businesses among consumers. Hibe delivers a new B2C relationship model to ensure the consumer's privacy is always protected, while offering businesses a platform to reach consumers, build and maintain trusted relationships with them across multiple channels.

Cloud Providers

Cloud providers are vital in online interactions as their platforms power the majority of apps and also host app users' data. Ensuring end-to-end privacy means creating secured bridges through the clouds to continually safeguard the privacy of data traveling from one app to others. To this end, we collaborate with cloud providers to help them appeal and build vibrant community of developers by offering them unprecedented capabilities inside cloud-based apps, while ensuring that the privacy of app users' data flowing through apps sitting atop cloud platforms is always protected.