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We help developers be more competitive and better monetize their applications, while making for private, seamless and secure communications between people and objects.

Hibe enables applications to talk to each other, thereby allowing app users to interact with peers on different applications. Hibe aims to revolutionize online communication by breaking the silos between the millions of apps isolated from others and running on the billions of devices and smart objects in our daily lives.

Hibe unites small and medium apps (SMA) to form a shared network of millions of cumulative app users to effectively compete against the “network effect” of major social platforms. Hibe represents an alternative for small and medium apps to being absorbed by large and established social platforms. By integrating major players, developers give valuable insights on their adoption rate that are then used by these platforms to decide what key features of SMA worth being copied before they reach mainstream.

Hibe is EASY and FREE!

Increased App Adoption

There are millions of existing apps and few thousands new launched daily. Hibe make your application easily discovered among millions others through the viral core feature of the app-to-app communications. Moreover, app users will continue to adopt smaller apps even if their key features are being copied by major platforms, because these apps are part of a much bigger network of users where they can enjoy and leverage these key features—just like if they were on a major platform

Increased User Retention

Most app users will leave your amazing mobile application if their contacts are not using it. Users of applications plugged on Hibe can interact with others from their favorite mobile apps. Zero download and zero learning curve for app users. Therefore, they no longer need to leave smaller apps they like for major platforms, just because their friends are not there.

Build new breed of apps

Hibe overall strategy is to become the back-end to a new breed of apps built on top of Hibe, and to let developers leverage syndicated content across all applications with app user consent, including contacts, photos, documents, etc.

Increased App Revenues

As an owner of an app with low ad print, you need to survive in a context where most app users do not want to pay. This is why hibe shares up to 30% of its revenues generated from profitable recurring streams with registered app creators, through a dedicated Revenues Sharing Program

Dedicated Programs

With our Creator Partnership Program, we partner with hand-picked app creators by given up to $2K each to help them integrate and plug their apps to the Hibe platform.

With our Creator Referral Program, app creators can refer others to join Hibe in return for additional compensation from our Revenues Sharing Program.

It's just 3 EASY STEPS to get Started.

Step 1: Claim your app

Claim ownership of an application by searching your app in a maintained database of all existing mobile applications from all major stores including Apple's App Store, Google's Play Store, Amazon's App Store.

Step 2: Plug your app

Your developer profile allows you to have access to the Hibe API specifications. You will be able to plug your app by integrating very basic Hibe API endpoints. No SDK involved. No alteration to your mobile app and user experience. Zero learning curve for app users. All is done server-side.

Step 3: Network your app

Send connection requests to connect your app to specific applications. Accept or ignore connection requests received from other applications. Join networking groups to allow your app to automatically exchange with all the applications that are members of these groups. Sync connectivity between your own apps or create private groups to only enable automatically exchanges between your apps. Network your app now!

Apps CONNECTIVITY for SEAMLESS interactions

Wondering if your amazing app fits on Hibe? Here is why the following apps can get the most out of Hibe.
  1. Communication or collaboration apps where users need to reach and interact with their contacts.
  2. Content creation apps where users would eventually share created content with their contacts.
  3. Content consumption apps where users would eventually share consumed content with their contacts.
  4. Newly launched apps that want to leverage their early adopters to be discovered.
  5. Any other apps with a low growth or declining user base.

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