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Little Mermaid Drowned in Love
Publisher: Reiko Murakami
Category: Games

This app is the Japanese translated version. This is an arranged version of The Little Mermaid by Andersen!! Your choice and thumb create the new story! Simple and easy smartphone game app! ◆◇Overview◇◆ The Little Mermaid which is popular as well as Gryme. The mermaids dwell in an underwater kingdom are not allowed to go out of the sea till when they get 15. The Little Mermaid, the youngest sister out of 6 always likes to listen to the stories about the land and interested the life on land . When she became 15, she rose up to the surface and meet the destined prince there . You see the sad ending in the real story but you can enjoy 3 new and different endings in this app! ◆◇This is recommended to those who◇◆ ・likes myths ・likes fairy tails ・likes Andersen ・likes Gryme ・doesn't have time but wants to play games ・wants to do simple and easy games ・likes Japanese games
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