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Publisher: Mahmood Oyewo
Category: Shopping

Be your own tailor! NTailor is a technology enabled clothing platform that provides peerless versatility to male and female fashion buffs. Sometimes you have that style or fashion idea but interpretion and conversion of your sketch to your desired outfit poses a problem. NTailor bridges this gap as it provides a platform where customers can bring alive their own customized outfits just as they visualized them. The platform allows you to upload a detailed sketch or picture of your desired outfits, select fabric type and NTailor would create the outfit to your specifications. Your Perfect Fit Our goal at NTailor is to eliminate your dependence on standard sizing. You cannot place an order unless you create a profile. Your profile is incomplete without you inputting your body measurements. The platform offers a series of tutorial videos to guide customers in taking their required body measurements for all types of female clothing and most male clothing. Our outfits are bespoke, and tailored to fit perfectly using your unique measurements saved to your profile. This customized approach using the best of technology and bespoke tailoring guarantees a perfect fit at the first wear. It wouldn't be an NTailor outfit if it didn't fit perfectly.
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