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Publisher: Valentin Mocleasa

Looking for a new way to challenge your muscles into growing? TuT App by "I am HERO" might be exactly what you need! Incorporate TuT(Time under Tension) in your workouts and gain muscle faster. A muscle under stress for a longer period of time, stressed to total fatigue, will have greater muscle fiber recruitment. Time under Tension: the scientifically engineered set-timing technique now has a tool that will help you monitor your rep speed and total TUT for every set, so that you need to watch the clock. Instructions: Set the seconds for each part of the movement, the number of targeted repetitions and adjust the countdown. This will give you enough time to set yourself comfortable in the starting position. Press the "Play". You can either follow the audio guide (that can be turned ON/OFF from the set settings panel ) or place the phone in sight and follow the animated rings. Don't worry if you are listening to music while working out. The app will mix the audio guide with your favourite pumping tracks and once the set is completed, your music volume will be restored to it's initial state. "I am HERO" is a collection of fitness tools, designed to help you take your fitness journey to the next level. More updates will follow soon. Your feedback is very important. If you enjoy using TuT by "I am HERO" please don't forget to rate and provide feedback. --- Try. Fail, Try harder. Fail better. Again and again until you become the inspiration and motivation. Become your own HERO.
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