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Thumbelina and Her Lil Friends
Publisher: Reiko Murakami
Category: Games

This app is the Japanese translated version. Do you remember the story about Thumbelina? - born from a flower - kidnapped by a flog and asked to marry him - rode a leaf and flow on the river - kidnapped by a gold beetle and asked to marry him - being a homeless - and saved - saved a swallow - forced to marry someone who she doesn't like - rode the swallow and ran away - Married to a fairy prince How many did you remember? This story is actually a great adventure! ◆◇Overview◇◆ - Tom Thumb - Tinkerbell (Peter pan) - Leprechaun (The elves) Enjoy our original story of "Thumbelina" with other fellows from different fairy stories! --Opening--------------------- Once upon time, there was a woman. She dreamed of having a baby, but she didn't know what to do. She then went to visit a witch and the witch gave her a grain of barley and said "Grow this" That was a magic grain that changes depending on the feeling of the owner. She paid some money for this and planted it in a flower pot and grew the grain and then tried to talk to the grain often. Time went by, and the grain had turned into a lovely flower,like a tulip. The woman softly touched its petals the flower opened in full blossom and there was a tiny girl sitting inside. The woman got delighted and called her Thumbelina,and took care of her very well ------------------------------ ◆◇This is recommended to those who◇◆ - likes myths - likes fairy tails - doesn't have time but wants to play games - wants to do simple and easy games - likes Japanese games
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